The service offered

Mox Translata is a service offering specialist translations (and related services) thanks to the combination of up-to-date skills, cutting-edge tools and comparative research

translations – revisions – transcriptions


The translated texts can be of different nature: they range from literary ones to the technical-scientific fields

medical and financial documentation – promotional and editorial texts – research – industry – websites


The production is primarily directed to the Italian language and the combinations of idioms are being updated

Italian – English – Spanish – German – Portuguese – French


The service is offered by Giovanni Scassola, native Italian doctor of languages and technical translator, specialized in life sciences and economics

technical translator – scientific specialization


More details

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Contact by email

Write to and request immediately a quote

Receive it already by attaching the material to be translated (for the word count)


Respect for privacy

Confidentiality is guaranteed on all sensitive data and material made available by the customer. The publication of any detail will only take place with prior authorization, and will be limited to portfolio purposes.


Payment security

To ensure maximum payment security, the accepted method is the bank transfer (with simultaneous issue and sending of the invoice by e-mail) with times that vary according to the regularity of the customer:

General rule -> total payment once the translation has been delivered

New customers -> an interim payment in the middle of the work and a final one

Regular customers -> payment at the end of the project (after multiple translations)

* Possibility of post-editing (subsequent modifications) free of charge within one month of delivery


The highest quality coveted by the italian research and market



Scassola Giovanni


Mox Translata – specialist translations

Prestazioni di Mox Translata – traduzioni professionali

Trascrizione -> conversione di un audio, di un video, di un’intervista o di un documentario in testo scritto; manuale

Revisione -> correzione di un testo parzialmente tradotto o già tradotto ma non fruibile (per la presenza di errori); manuale

Traduzione -> traduzione manuale con possibile supporto di motori di ricerca e di traduzione

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Copyright free images: UNSPLASH

Website creation: ALTERVISTA


Mox Translata – specialist translations

Traduzione specialistica -> rispetto a una traduzione classica richiede una ricerca preliminare e l’utilizzo di CAT tools (strumenti di traduzione assistita) per mettere a confronto testi simili e diverse traduzioni possibili

Post-editing -> l’impaginazione finale del testo tradotto seguendo determinate linee guida

Pre-editing -> necessario quando il testo sorgente non è facilmente leggibile o modificabile (per esempio in caso di fotocopie irregolari o di testo in formato immagine)

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