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Mox Translata - Proposed Offer
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Reference Areas

The proposed offer consists in the translation (and associated services: proofreading and transcription) of texts belonging to a vast range of sectors, which can be divided into two categories:

Literary texts -> requiring a traditional translation (editorial and promotional material, websites, applications, blogs, multimedia scripts)

Technical-scientific texts -> which require a specialist translation, and which mainly cover two macro-areas (with respective examples):


Medicine, biology, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, dietetics, biotechnology, physiotherapy, food industry, scientific research and science education in general

Clinical studies, protocols, synopses, informed consents, package leaflets, marketing authorisations, periodic safety update reports, labelling, packaging, documentaries, educational materials, specialist research articles, informational videos


Financial texts and corporate analyzes (especially of companies operating in the medical-pharma-food sector)

Financial statements, management reports, press releases, marketing projects, corporate acts (merger, liquidation…), business communication, financial studies, promotional material, presentations, conferences


Working languages

Italian, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French (also in the less common variants, upon request) are the languages ​​accepted for the source texts


For specialist translations and proofreading, the target language is Italian

For traditional translations and proofreading, the target languages ​​are Italian, English and Spanish

Transcripts are available for Italian, English, Spanish



Transcript -> converting an audio, video, interview or documentary into written text; manual

Revision -> correction of a partially translated or already translated but unusable text (due to the presence of errors); manual

Translation -> manual translation with possible support of search and translation engines

Pre-editing -> necessary when the source text is not easily readable or editable (for example in case of irregular photocopies or text in image format)

Post-editing -> the final layout of the translated text following certain guidelines

Specialist translation -> differently from a classic translation, it requires a preliminary research and the use of CAT tools (assisted translation tools) to compare similar texts and different possible translations


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Offerta proposta:

Mox Translata - Proposed Offer
Areas – TARIFFMethod – Offered by


Current tariff

The rates in force are calculated on the number of words of the source text and per folder (1500 words):


0.025€ per word ; 37.50€ per folder


0.0325€ per word ; 48.75€ per folder


0.0175€ per word ; 26.25€ per folder


0.03€ per word; 45€ per folder


0.0275€ per word ; 41.25€ per folder


0.0225€ per word ; 33.75€ per folder


+0.0075€ per word ; +11.25€ per folder


+0.005€ per word ; +7.50€ per folder


Minimal taxes!

Flat rate taxation:

No VAT tax (+0%)

Only NSIA compensation (+4%)

* 2€ revenue stamp for orders over 77.47€


Delivery time

The timing varies depending on the type of text and the overlapping of commissions (it involves dividing 8 hours a day between different projects)

It starts from less than 24 hours for short or standardized texts such as labels or packaging and reaches more than a week for extended texts such as balance sheets or documentaries

The output of an hour of work ranges from 300 to 600 words (depending on the type of service), for a daily production of between 2400 and 4800 words

In any case, every detail will be communicated when the quotation is made


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Offerta proposta:

Mox translata - Proposed Offer
Areas – Tariff – METHOD – Offered by


Working method

The working method exploits the combination of linguistic-scientific skills, assisted translation programs (CAT tools) and comparative research

The work procedure followed, with particular reference to specialized translation, follows five steps:



An initial analysis of the text is necessary to grasp its content and style, as well as to identify the most complex idiomatic and semantic nodes

This is followed by a search through which, if necessary, in-depth knowledge of the case is acquired, similar texts are compared, termbases (electronic glossaries) are compiled and translation memories (translation models) are updated



If necessary (unreadable image files) the source text is subjected to a pre-editing procedure: first passing through an automatic program that converts the images into text files, then through a manual revision



The text file is inserted into a CAT tool that acts as a translation platform, where the text is decomposed and displayed in strings

Each segment is associated with a first raw translation (generated by a translation engine) and suggestions are added (coming from translation memories and previously updated termbases)



At this point we proceed with the definitive translation: by comparing the linguistic-scientific knowledge possessed with what was obtained from the preliminary research, each single segment of the entire text is edited manually

After a final reading/revision the text is finally delivered to the client



Within a month of delivery it is possible to request any simple retouching of the text and layout, at no additional cost

Furthermore, upon request, the text can receive a particular formatting: following a specific layout or perfectly reflecting the original (same fonts, captions, images, dimensions, positions…)


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Offerta proposta:

Mox Translata - Proposed Offer
Areas – Tariff – Method – OFFERED BY


Giovanni Scassola

Doctor of languages, native Italian speaker, scientific and linguistic training in Europe (Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal)



Scientific high-school diploma

Degree in Linguistic Sciences for Business (Italian, English, Spanish)

Certificate of Participation in a Master’s Degree in Specialized Translation in Medicine and Pharmacology

Certificate of Participation in a Master’s Degree in Specialized Translation in Economics and Finance


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